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Graciela Bombalova

I am Graciela Bombalova-Bogra, a professional portrait artist and I love my job! I have been drawing as long as I remember myself and almost always faces and figures.

My passion is to capture the expression, the personality and the soul of my models and I work everyday to increase my knowledge and art abilities. I’ve been painting portraits for the last 25 years by now…

I come from Bulgaria where I had the chance to study Arts with very great and talented teachers. Some years after my Master degree in the National Art Academy I moved to the other corner of the world spending 12 happy years in the Caribbean and painting portraits in Luxury hotels for tourists from all over the world. Developing at the same time my personal work on Pastel and Oil.

I am actually living in Spain in the beautiful Costa Brava, near the Mediterranean Sea. My perception of life changed completely after my son’s birth so did my art.
I am still painting all kind of portraits I specially felt in love on painting children portraits with soft pastels and I could say that my color pallet has become much lighter.